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The Problem: labour-intensive creation of database records

In today's information-driven businesses, there is an ever-growing amount of data flowing at all levels of the organisation. To structure this vast amount of information, companies implement databases of varying complexities. Still, a major challenge is to consolidate all valuable information into the corporate database.

Many businesses waste or duplicate efforts trying to input data into their systems. The software interfaces used to enter data are often complex and time-consuming, are difficult to reach from outside the office and are not always seamlessly linked to the main database. Data entries and output formats are highly dependent on the software and the platform used. In addition, there are many different user interfaces across a single organisation and this problem only gets worse when individuals are on-the-road. This results in highly fragmented company data that often has to be retyped to create a record.

The Solution: a new approach to data entry

In response to this market need, Volantia has developed intelligent products that optimise data input and eliminate re-keying for database integration.

The Volantia platform extracts critical information from free-form text, which is more comfortable and natural for human beings than the irksome, error-prone and un-natural requirement to input information only in highly restricted sequences and formats.

Volantia interprets text messages originating from virtually any device connected to a network, giving users total flexibility for entering information. Our patent-pending information extraction technology then converts the useful information found in the text message to the format required for smooth integration into companies' existing systems.


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