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05/Jan/01 - VCs See AI Software as an Intelligent Choice  or cache version

03/Jan/01 - nCoTec invests E3m in Volantia Inc.

02/Jan/01 - nCoTec announces investment in Volantia Inc.

02/Jan/01 - nCoTec invests E3m in Volantia

Simplicity. Freedom. Integration. Based on these principles, Volantia develops intelligent products that increase the efficiency of database entry.

The Volantia platform analyses and extracts relevant information from free text messages within a specified domain. The source of this text message is unrestricted, giving the user great flexibility and mobility for entering data via email, WAP, SMS, voice, fax and scanned files. Useful text information is then encoded into a format suitable for incorporation into a database.

Volantia’s mission is to bridge the gap between the way computers structure information and how humans think and communicate. The Volantia platform makes the user-computer interface SIMPLE.

Volantia users are free to send semi-structured text messages from virtually any device connected to the network, independently of the platform or the network.

No matter how data is entered it is seamlessly integrated into existing corporate systems.


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